All shoe care products enlisted are only as our suggestions. We do not provide any shoe care products. 

Adidas Deo Shoe Spray
The Adidas deodorant shoe spray is enriched with deodorising agents which helps in preventing unpleasant odors. It is stated to be 24-hour long lasting and its can is easy to be hold. It is suitable only for any shoes except leather shoes. The deo shoe spray was also developed with athletes to ensure the satisfaction level is reached.

Penguin Instant Sneaker Cleaner

The Penguin instant sneaker cleaner contains detergents, citrus cleaners and conditioners. It is able to clean in seconds. Moisturizes leather and leaves a fresh, citrus scent. It is a very strong and effective cleaner. Brush cap scrubs away dirt and grime. It comes with a flow through brush cap and no water needs to be applied with this product.